Irrigation Piping Systems

This course covers the pipe and tubing systems used for irrigation. You will learn real world skills such as; how to glue PVC pipe, solder copper joints, install and repair polyethylene pipe, repair Pex and Galvanized Steel, use specialty fittings like unions, slip-fixes, push-to-fit fittings, and learn to read a friction loss chart. We'll also drill down on details like; different thread types, the proper application of thread tape and pipe dope, and specialized tips that will make you more efficient and productive.

This knowledge is indispensable to a new irrigation technician or DIY landscaper or gardener. We first lay the foundations of knowledge, then we'll add on specific product knowledge. The format is classroom style lectures supplemented with video of real world and simulated repairs on key piping systems. You can download a 14 page PDF with fill-in-the blanks to keep as a field reference.

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Irrigation Piping systems

PVC Piping System

PVC Pipe

PVC Fittings

Solvent Selection

Solvent Welding PVC

Using A Union

Using An Expansion Repair Coupling

PVC Repair Situations


PVC Pipe Quiz

Polyethylene Piping Systems

Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings

Poly Repair

Poly Saddle Taps

Polyethylene Piping Quiz

Copper, Pex, and Steel Piping Systems 

Copper Tubing

Soldering Copper Joints

Cutting Copper and Precautions

Pex Tubing

Galvanized Steel

Copper, Pex, and Steel Piping Quiz

Threaded Fittings

Pipe Threads vs Hose Threads

Teflon Tape and Pipe Dope

Contractors Tool Tip - Toothbrush

Threaded Fittings Quiz

Compression Fittings

External Compression Fittings

Internal Compression Fittings

Compression Fittings Quiz

Reading A Friction Loss Chart

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