Electrical Basics and Irrigation Timers

This course is for the beginner or entry level technician. We cover the fundamental concepts of volts, amps, & ohms and how to measure these at the irrigation timer. You'll learn a 4 step process to program any timer, clock, or controller, whether AC or DC. Then we'll get specific about timers, covering all the features you need to program, troubleshoot, or maximize a system's efficiency. As always, I've given you several real-world skills that you can put into practice today; selecting and programming the right timer, properly splicing irrigation wiring, using a multi-meter to troubleshoot an irrigation timer, and how to use a wire doubler.

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Electrical Basics and Irrigation Timers

Electrical Basics

Electrical Fundamentals

Volts & Amps

Resistance & Ohm's Law

Low Voltage Systems

Electrical Basics Quiz

Sprinkler System Electrical Components

Timers, Clocks, & Controllers

Electric Solenoid Valve

Sprinkler System Wiring

Rain & Weather Sensors

Flow Sensors

Sprinkler System Electrical Components Quiz

Practical Electrical Skills

Using A Multimeter

Parallel vs. Series Measurements

Measuring Voltage

Measuring Resistance

Measuring Amperage

Splicing Wires

Practical Electrical Skills Quiz

Irrigation Timers

24 Volt AC Timers

Analog AC Timers

Digital AC Timers

DC Battery Timers

4 Factors of Timer Programming

Feature: Manual Operation

Feature: Global Adjust

Feature: Rain Delay

Feature: Modular Model

Feature: Outdoor Model

Feature: Computer Control

Feature: Remote Control

Common Timer Problems and Mistakes

Using A Wire Doubler

Irrigation Timer Quiz

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