Drip Irrigation for Lawn and Farm

This course covers the form of irrigation known as Low Volume Drip Irrigation. Drip is the most efficient form of irrigation ever invented. Learn about the various products and how to properly use them. We'll have an in-depth examination of filters and pressure regulators. You'll be able to find the relevant data for selecting the right product, max amount to use, the flow rate, etc.

I'll also walk you through several real-world projects that irrigation techs will be involved with. You'll see a full project that includes planning and calculating all the factors, laying out drip line, installing a filter, drain valve, drippers in pots, and hanging baskets. This knowledge is indispensable to a new irrigation technician or DIY landscaper or gardener.

 The format is classroom style lectures supplemented with video of real world and simulated situations. You can download an 11 page PDF with fill-in-the blanks to keep as a field reference.

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Drip Irrigation Curriculum

Introduction to Drip Irrigation

History And Agricultural Applications of Drip

Benefits of Using Drip

Introduction to Drip Irrigation Quiz

Filtration And Pressure Regulation

Filtration Essentials

Filtration Products

Filtration Quiz


Intro To Dripline

Proper Use of Dripline

CV or Check Valve Dripline

Sub-Surface Dripline

Air and Vacuum Relief Valves

Drain and Flush Valves

Dripline Quiz

Traditional Insert Drip

Solid Drip Tubing and Fittings

Drip Applicators

Traditional Insert Drip Quiz

Common Drip Projects

Common Drip Projects

Converting A Spray Zone to Drip

Backyard Drip Project Phase 1: Planning

Phase 2: Installation

Phase 3: Testing

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