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Take charge of your future with our Certification Program. Become a professional, competent, knowledgeable irrigation technician with Pro Irrigation Training. No Continuing Education Credits required, Certification is yours forever!

Coming July 01 2024

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Enroll now and begin your journey towards a better future as a "Professional Irrigation Technician." This is a bundle of all 8 of our Courses with a special Certificate upon completion. Our special price for this Certification Program is $499. 

Coming July 01 2024

"Professional Irrigation Technician" Curriculum

Introduction to Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

Introduction to Irrigation

History of Irrigation | Modern Uses of Irrigation | Environmental Impact of Irrigation | Goals of Irrigation | Introduction to Irrigation Quiz 

Basic Concepts and Definitions

Uniformity vs Efficiency | Soil Types | Intake Rates | Evapotranspiration | Precipitation Rate | Irrigation Concepts and Definitions quiz

Sprinkler System Design

3 Classifications of Sprinkler Systems | Two Meter Configuration | One Meter - House Mainline Configuration | Under House Plumbing Configuration | Lake Pump Configuration | Water Well Configuration | Valve Manifold Configuration | Valve Satellite Configuration | Order of Components | Sprinkler System Design Quiz

Simplified Water Hydraulics

Pressure | Flow | Velocity | Friction Loss | Water Hydraulics Real World Example | How to Measure Flow | How to Measure Elevation and Slope | Reading a Friction Loss Chart | Water Hydraulics Quiz

Electrical Basics and Irrigation Timers

Electrical Basics

Electrical Fundamentals | Volts & Amps | Resistance & Ohm's Law | Low Voltage Systems | Electrical Basics Quiz

Sprinkler System Electrical Components

Timers, Clocks, & Controllers | Electric Solenoid Valve | Sprinkler System Wiring | Rain & Weather Sensors | Flow Sensors | Sprinkler System Electrical Components Quiz

Practical Electrical Skills

Using A Multimeter | Parallel vs. Series Measurements | Measuring Voltage | Measuring Resistance | Measuring Amperage | Splicing Wires | Practical Electrical Skills Quiz

Irrigation Timers

24 Volt AC Timers | Analog AC Timers | Digital AC Timers | DC Battery Operated Timers | 4 Factors of Timer Programming | Feature: Manual Operation | Feature: Global Adjust | Feature: Rain Delay | Feature: Modular Model | Feature: Outdoor Model | Feature: Computer Control | Feature: Remote Control | Common Timer Problems and Mistakes | Using A Wire Doubler | Irrigation Timer Quiz

Irrigation Piping systems

PVC Piping System

PVC Pipe | PVC Fittings | Solvent Selection | Solvent Welding PVC | Using A Union | Using An Expansion Repair Coupling | PVC Repair Situations | CPVC and DWV | PVC Pipe Quiz

Polyethylene Piping Systems

Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings | Poly Repair | Poly Saddle Taps | Polyethylene Piping Quiz

Copper, Pex, and Steel Piping Systems 

Copper Tubing | Soldering Copper Joints | Cutting Copper and Precautions | Pex Tubing | Galvanized Steel | Copper, Pex, and Steel Piping Quiz

Threaded Fittings

Pipe Threads vs Hose Threads | Teflon Tape and Pipe Dope | Contractors Tool Tip - Toothbrush | Threaded Fittings Quiz

Compression Fittings

External Compression Fittings | Internal Compression Fittings | Compression Fittings Quiz

Reading A Friction Loss Chart

Drip Irrigation for Lawn and Farm

Introduction to Drip Irrigation

History And Agricultural Applications of Drip | Benefits of Using Drip | Introduction to Drip Irrigation Quiz

Filtration And Pressure Regulation

Filtration Essentials | Filtration Products | Filtration Quiz


Intro To Dripline | Proper Use of Dripline | CV or Check Valve Dripline | Sub-Surface Dripline | Air and Vacuum Relief Valves | Drain and Flush Valves | Dripline Quiz

Traditional Insert Drip

Solid Drip Tubing and Fittings | Drip Applicators | Traditional Insert Drip Quiz

Common Drip Projects

Common Drip Projects | Converting A Spray Zone to Drip | Backyard Drip Project Phase 1: Planning | Phase 2: Installation | Phase 3: Testing

All About Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler Head Basics

Introduction To Sprinkler Heads | 3 Ways to Connect Sprinkler Heads | Precipitation Rates | Matched Precipitation Rate | Reading Sprinkler Performance Charts | Head to Head Coverage | Square vs Triangular Spacing | Sprinkler Head Basics and Concepts Quiz

Rotating Heads (Rotors) 

Impact Rotors | Gear Driven Rotors | Rotor Features and Options | Adjusting Rotors 4 Ways | Adjusting Rotors in the Field | Hunter PGP, PGP-Ultra, & I-20 | K-Rain PRS Select | K-Rain Super Pro | Nelson Rotors | Rain Bird 5000 Series Rotors | Rain Bird T-Bird Rotor | Rain Bird Mini-Paw and Maxi-Paw | Toro Super 800 | Toro T-5 RapidSet Rotor | Tool Tip: Dental Pick | Rotating Heads Quiz

Spray Heads

Introduction To Sprays | Spray Features and Options | Spray Nozzles Part 1 | Spray Nozzles Part 2 | Tool Tip: Rain Bird Spray Tool | Spray Heads Quiz

Rotator Nozzles

Introduction to Rotator Nozzles | Hunter MP Rotators | K-Rain Rotators | Rain Bird Rotary Nozzles | Toro Precision Rotating Nozzles

All About Irrigation Valves

Irrigation Valve Basics

Introduction to Valves | Irrigation Valve Locations | Introduction to Valves quiz

Irrigation Valve Types

Manual Valves | Check Valves | Pressure Reducing Valves | Indexing Valves | Indexing Valve Repair | Solenoid Valves | Solenoid Valve Features and Options | Solenoid Valve Troubleshooting & Repair | Anti-Siphon Valves | Irrigation Valve Types quiz

Solenoid Valve Products

Hunter PGV Solenoid Valve | Irritrol 205 Solenoid Valve | K-Rain Pro Series 100 | Rain Bird DV Series Valves | Rain Bird PGA Solenoid Valve | Pressure Regulators for Solenoid Valves

Backflow Prevention for Irrigation Systems

Introduction to Backflow Prevention

Introduction to Backflow | Definitions and Concepts | Regulatory Authority and Testing

Backflow Preventers

Types of Backflow Preventers | Residential Dual Check | Anti-Siphon Valves | Pressure Vacuum Breakers | Double Check Valve Assembly | Reduced Pressure Principal Assembly

Troubleshooting and Winterization

Troubleshooting and Winterization Backflow Preventers | Backflow Prevention Course Quiz

Installing Sprinkler Systems

Coming July 01 2024

Begin your Certificaton

Enroll now and begin your journey towards a better future as a "Professional Irrigation Technician." This is a bundle of all 8 of our Courses with a special Certificate upon completion. Our special price for this Certification Program is $499. 

Coming July 01 2024