Pressure Regulators for Solenoid Valves

#valves May 16, 2024
Pressure regulation is not the same as Flow Control. The outcome can look nearly the same.
Our objective is to have consistent pressure at each head, and large droplets coming out of the
heads, not a mist. Consistent pressure at each head is more of a function of system design /
layout than pressure at the valve, but even pressure regulated sprinklers need an inlet
pressure within a certain range. Sometimes large systems need high main line pressure to be
able to deliver enough pressure at the farthest zones, so a Pressure Regulator at each valve
helps us bring the pressure into our desired range for each zone. Keeping the pressure within
the recommended range saves money and increases the efficiency of each irrigation zone.
Sprinklers under excessive pressure will atomize the water or turn it into a mist. This means
the water droplets are too small and more likely to be blown off course or evaporate before it
can make it to the root zone.
Inlet pressure should be at least 15 psi higher than your desired regulated pressure. When
inlet pressure exceeds 100 psi, a pressure regulating master valve or inline pressure regulator
is required.
Hunter model notes:
Can also work with DC latching solenoid,
Models can be adjustable or fixed pressures.
Hunter's Accu-Sync is compatible with any Hunter valve.
Rain Bird notes:
Rain Bird valves have an adapter that needs to be removed before the PRS-D threads in.
Valve models that are compatible are the PGA, PEB, PESB, EFB, & BPES.
Toro notes:
Toro has the EZReg that is specifically for their P-150, P-220 valves.

Hunter Accu-Sync Adjustable Pressure Regulator​

Rainbird Dial Adjust Pressure Regulator for B Series Valves​ 

Irritrol OMR-100 OMNIREG 5-100psi Modular Pressure Regulator​

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