All About Rain Bird PGA Irrigation Valve

#valves May 16, 2024
Rain bird's PGA Valves are a super tough, durable irrigation valve used on both commercial and residential sprinkler systems. A solid design makes for long life and easy maintenance, definitely a great choice for new installations.

Available Models:
1", 1.5", 2"
Female threaded inlets only
NPT or BSP threads
​Flow Control
Pressure Range: 15 - 150 psi
Flow Range: 2 - 150 gpm w/o PRS
                        5 – 150 gpm w/ PRS
Solenoid Specs: 410 mA inrush, 140 mA holding , 30 – 39 ohms
Screw types: Standard, Phillips, & 5/16" nut
Reclaimed purple solenoid w/ tag
Manual internal bleed
Encapsulated solenoid plunger
Optional PRS-D pressure regulator
DC latching solenoid
Slow closing design
Filtered pilot flow
My Amazon Picks:
Rain Bird PGA 100 Globe/Angle Irrigation Valve 1"
Rain Bird PGA 150 Globe/Angle Irrigation Valve 1.5"​
Rain Bird PGA 200 Globe/Angle Irrigation Valve 2"​

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