All About Sprinkler Heads

In this online video course, the latest in our Irrigation 101 Series, you'll be introduced to every major category of sprinkler head that you could encounter on a residential or light commercial property.

We'll cover all the relevant concepts such as Matched Precipitation Rates and Head to Head Coverage. Then, we'll drill down into specific product knowledge, discussing and demonstrating adjustment on all the major models in production, as well as some favorites from the past that you will still see in the field.

There's a 28 page download with fill-in-the-blanks for greater learning and retention. What you’ll learn Learn the principals and concepts that go into selecting the correct sprinkler head and nozzle. Watch hands-on demonstrations of adjusting, flushing, replacing every kind of sprinkler head. Understand how to easily match precipitation rates across a sprinkler system.

The course is in English and uses the Imperial Measurement System (inches, feet, pounds.) Are there any course requirements or prerequisites? Students should understand the basics of water hydraulics, pressure, flow, friction loss, etc. Who this course is for: Beginners in irrigation or landscaping as well as DIYers.

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All About Sprinkler Heads Curriculum

Sprinkler Head Basics

Introduction To Sprinkler Heads

3 Ways to Connect Sprinkler Heads

Precipitation Rates

Matched Precipitation Rate

Reading Sprinkler Performance Charts

Head to Head Coverage

Square vs Triangular Spacing

Sprinkler Head Basics and Concepts Quiz

Rotating Heads (Rotors) 

Impact Rotors

Gear Driven Rotors

Rotor Features and Options

Adjusting Rotors 4 Ways

Adjusting Rotors in the Field

Hunter PGP, PGP-Ultra, & I-20

K-Rain PRS Select

K-Rain Super Pro

Nelson Rotors

Rain Bird 5000 Series Rotors

Rain Bird T-Bird Rotor

Rain Bird Mini-Paw and Maxi-Paw

Toro Super 800

Toro T-5 RapidSet Rotor

Tool Tip: Dental Pick

Rotating Heads Quiz

Spray Heads

Introduction To Sprays

Spray Features and Options

Spray Nozzles Part 1

Spray Nozzles Part 2

Tool Tip: Rain Bird Spray Tool

Spray Heads Quiz

Rotator Nozzles

Introduction to Rotator Nozzles

Hunter MP Rotators

K-Rain Rotators

Rain Bird Rotary Nozzles

Toro Precision Rotating Nozzles

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